Monday 8th May, 2006 2:46PM

Moggs, a San Fransico based duo, will be touching down in NZ any day now to play three shows backed by indie enthusiasts Cheese on Toast and Mole Music.

Moggs are a minimalist outfit with Miss Minor on drums and Sir Plus on guitar, both take turns on vocals. Some have compared their sound to Sonic Youth, Erase Erata, Blonde Redhead, Unwound and so on. But the best description of Moggs came from a review of their debut album, The White Belt Is Not Enough, by a fellow named Trackback from

" The band really aren't beholden to any particular band, style, or era. One of the nice things about having a sound as minimal as theirs is that it's difficult to hear it as anything other than what it is guitar, drums, and vocals. In a musical era of reflexive irony, where influences can be so obvious that they don't even reach the level of pastiche or homage (which implies plagiarism or outright theft), there's something deeply gratifying about encountering a band who just do their own thing. If you're in the mood for something powerful and raw, well-executed without much in the way of bells and whistles, give Moggs a try."

Moggs really are a must see this month and you can catch them playing with The Blunts and Teen Wolf at:

Schooner Bar, Auckland - Thur 18th May

Ward Lane, Hamilton - Friday 19th May

Happy Tavern, Wellington - Sat 20th May

For more about Moggs check out:

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