Album Review: The Mars Volta, Octahedron + Win A Copy

Album Review: The Mars Volta, Octahedron + Win A Copy

Tuesday, 14th July 2009 12:00PM

The genre bending, part gymnasts, part epic other-world creators, Mars Volta are back with a new album Octahedron. With the world still screaming out for an At The Drive In reunion they have stuck to their sharp veer into psychedelic rock. Continue reading this review here.

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These guys are going to the BDO!! So excited!!
Posted by miraclelixir 4 years ago

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Listened to the album a month or so ago, and TBH it lacks the energy of their previous albums. A step backwards for them IMO. I think their El Groupo Nuevo release was way better, and sounded a lot more like what we'd expect from Omar and Cedric.
Posted by Tim_H 5 years ago

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I love The Mars Volta, I saw them 2007 BDO, I missed them at 2004 because it conflicted with Muse playing, which was real stupid on organises behalf... f**k Iggy Pop.
Posted by Jennsone 5 years ago

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God these guy's are crap! but my girlfriend loves them, what you gunna do?
Posted by Joel 5 years ago

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Saw them in Auckland '08, amazing. New album will own
Posted by scottbass66 5 years ago

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I saw them a few years back at the Big Day out, they were really good
Posted by cafegirl 5 years ago

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Mars Volta are amazing to listen to when the suns going down and your lying on your bed with your eyes closed. Excellent stuff.
Posted by miraclelixir 5 years ago

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Oh dear god, how awesome can one band be???
Posted by evalunar 5 years ago

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Fooken rockin'
Posted by ultimate-dude 5 years ago

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loved mars volta from day one...hope to hear the album soon:)
Posted by alottatongue 5 years ago

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Posted by agent1966 5 years ago

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