Buzzcocks To Headline Southern Amp 2009

Buzzcocks To Headline Southern Amp 2009

Tuesday 25th August, 2009 1:12PM

UK punk legends the Buzzcocks have been to confirmed to play this years Southern Amp festival happening on Thursday 12th November in Christchurch.

A full announcement is due this weekend but for more preliminary info visit

Here's some videos to jog your memory should you need it:

Ever Fallen In Love

Everybody's Happy Nowadays

What Do I Get

Orgasm Addict (not a proper vid but a good listen)

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Posted by hward - anonymous 7 years ago
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i have seent he buzzc**ks a couple of times in the past 5 years or soe and i ahve to say of all the bands of that era they are the one that should have left it behind and got themselves day jobs.
a short fat balding 40+ year old singing orgasm addict is not a pretty sight
Posted by johnnyg 7 years ago
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johnny you twat,go kill urself :)
Posted by moonieparone - anonymous 7 years ago

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