Meshuggah Return To NZ In March 2010

Meshuggah Return To NZ In March 2010

Thursday 1st October, 2009 12:00PM

Meshuggah are confirmed to return to NZ next year for two shows.

SFBH, Wellington - Wednesday March 3rd, 2010
Transmission Room, Auckland - Thursday March 4th, 2010

Tickets on sale now here at UTR, Moshtix or Real Groovy.

Press Release:

If you take for granted that music exists as an expression of the inner mortal psyche, life can turn into an infinitely captivating adventure when musical creation is placed in the hands of a singular breed of enigmatic perfectionists. When those graced with the rare gifts of astounding technical abilities and songwriting prowess are also fueled by a sacred trinity of creativity, originality, and self-belief, the results will always steer clear of any sub-genre categorization.

Formed in northern Sweden in 1987, MESHUGGAH have spent the last twenty years and cumulative thirteen releases developing, exploring, and redefining their complex, inimitable approach on the art of expressing their collective Id. An entity that has not sounded like anyone else in their time, MESHUGGAH are one of the few purely and honestly lateral-thinking forces genuinely dedicated to pushing the boundaries of extreme music simply because doing so comes naturally to them. Unafraid to take risks and tackle new experiences, they create albums you can listen to six years later and still discover things you never noticed before. The mystical lore surrounding them pertains to their mathematical execution of odd-cycle time signatures shifting around common 4/4 time. As a result, it isn’t shocking to see some of the biggest names in metal standing in the wings at MESHUGGAH shows, shaking their heads at the band’s majestically demented, down-tuned, groove-laden, and precisely performed polyrhythms that never veer out of control.

Such furiously mesmerizing music obviously requires its share of discipline. Each year without a release becomes inversely proportional to the climbing expectations among MESHUGGAH fans for the band to out-do themselves. Mercifully, 2008’s detonation of consciousness, obZen is an unapologetic statement of where the Swedes stand now as a band, and there simply aren’t enough adjectives, expletives, or theories to describe the album’s enthralling, auditory physics. Fueled by the percussive gymnastics of the drummer’s drummer Tomas Haake (whose talent can simply be described as ‘Neil Peart on peyote’), the long, enrapturing bent notes of Thordendal & Hagström’s 8-string guitars hover like predators while the ceaseless rumblings of Dick Lövgren’s commandeering bass work are fodder for Kidman’s authoritative and handsomely corroded vocals. The unmerciful pummelings, howling precision, apocalyptic aggression and asymmetrical signatures all attest to why the band are massively influential among their peers, and why fans of this extremely aggressive rhythm-based genre of metal pledge their support to the ongoing evolution of a discipline that shakes the very foundations of convention.

And in March 2010, following their massive reception on their debut, and to date only, New Zealand performance in Auckland in 2008, MESHUGGAH bring their duplicitously serene and violent expressions of consciousness back to Aotearoa, performing shows in both Wellington and Auckland after cerebrally demolishing Australian audiences on the Soundwave Festival circuit. Like the thunderous pulsations of the heart incessantly beating to get us through this menial existence we call life, MESHUGGAH excels at revealing that all paths leading to syncopated bliss are paved with arrhythmia. Bear witness to this mesmerising and destructive outfit in their element.

SFBH, Wellington - Wednesday March 3rd, 2010
Transmission Room, Auckland - Thursday March 4th, 2010
Tickets on sale now from Moshtix ( + 0800MOSHTIX), Real Groovy and

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Wed 3rd Mar
The San Francisco Bath House, Wellington
Thu 4th Mar
Transmission Room, Auckland