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Interviews: Nice Birds and Sherpa

Interviews: Nice Birds and Sherpa

Friday 30th October, 2009 12:00PM

Two more interviews for our MUZAI Records special this time it's Nice Birds and Sherpa.

If you haven't downloaded yourself a copy of the Fuck These Bands Too compilation - you can do so below.

Track Listing:

1: TFF Fucksurf
2: Bandicoot Emotional and Dirty
3: God Bows To Math Only Dead Fingers Speak In Braille
4: Cat Venom Bats In The Belfry
5: Sherpa Inside Feeling
6: KittyHawk Realistik Komputers
7: Nice Birds I Love You Forever
8: Catholic Guilt Small Town Metaphysics
9: BMX Rapists Dennis

Fuck These Bands Too - Muzai Records Click here to download

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