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Article: Pearl Jam Retrospective

Article: Pearl Jam Retrospective

Wednesday 4th November, 2009 12:00PM

With Pearl Jam heading over to NZ at the end of the month what better time to take a look back on how they got where they are now....


Pearl Jam have sold over 60 million records, won numerous prestigious awards, have accrued an international fan-base and, have truly become a global phenomenon. Pearl Jam pioneered the grunge movement of the 90s, and while many other fellow grunge groups had their brief moments of fame, their careers ended as fast as a shotgun bullet enters the skull. Yet Pearl Jam withstood the fallout and backlash of the Seattle grunge explosion, and to this day they still remain as strong and as relevant as ever. About to release their ninth studio album and embark on yet another world tour, I decided to look back on the prolific, grungy and unique life of Pearl Jam.

The genesis of Pearl Jam is both coincidental and tragic. Theirs is a story that takes place in front of the backdrop of Seattle, Washington: Jimi Hendrix’s hometown, Starbuck’s first victim and also the birthplace of grunge.....

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