Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Wellington Show Cancelled - Extra Auckland Show Announced

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Wellington Show Cancelled - Extra Auckland Show Announced

Thursday 12th November, 2009 12:00PM

Velvet Tiger Presents has announced that due to low sales the Kitty, Daisy and Lewis show scheduled on Tue 15th December at the San Francisco Bath House has been cancelled. Full refunds are available from the point of sale - Undertheradar ticket holders that have not received notification can email us here.

The Auckland show on Wednesday 16th December at the Monte Cristo Room is now totally sold out and there will be no doorsales. A second Auckland show has been scheduled in place of the Wellington one.  Tickets for this show are on sale now from Undertheradar and from next Wednesday from Real Groovy and Fast and Loose. Click here to buy a ticket from UTR.

95bfm & velvet tiger presents...
With the Drab Doo Riffs & Will Saunders
Tuesday 15th December doors 8pm KD+L on stage at 10pm tickets from from Thursday 12th November Real Groovy & Fast & Loose from Wednesday 18th November.

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hey, as far as i'm concerned these guys are going to be one hit wonders.i have been involved in the music industry for a long time, if these guy's are basing thier music on the old times, old gear, and old values..........then why don't they stand by the old rule. If only 1 person turns up, you use that time for practice, all the old bands have been thru this, and so have i. What a cop out, i had won tickets to the wellington show, and i had arranged 35 people to turn up at the door for a xmas party for that night, so they miss out, and good luck to them, oh and the way, did these guys do any originals???????
Posted by tony - anonymous 6 years ago
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I will be on talkback radio (newstalk zb) voicing my concerns on these idiots not playing in wellington, every hour, every day till thier concert in auckland, i hope its a failure as these guys don't know what it's like to get into the music industry with originals, and work hard.
Posted by Tony - anonymous 6 years ago
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you're an idiot mate. if you had 35 people ready to turn up 'on the night' why didn't you buy the tickets in advance - you never know, it might have sold out/better if you hadn't adopted the typical "leave it to the last minute" mentality. promoters need the reassurance that people are actually going to come to the show, otherwise they may drop a bundle. fyi, the auckland show's sold out, hence the second show there. duh!
Posted by alfie - anonymous 6 years ago
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Kitty, Daisy and Lewis are definitely not idiots.
This was a decision made by the NZ and Australian promoters. Wellington sales were less than ideal and this call had to be made. Not ideal for Wellington and lower North Island fans but we thought it wise to pull earlier rather than later. Tony, rather than wasting time calling talkback radio to criticise the group you can contact the promoter (myself) via undertheradar.
Posted by John Baker - anonymous 6 years ago
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I agree completely with John and Alfie. Tony, please understand that lack of presales is a very common concern that promoters have - and at the end of the day, decisions like this have to be made, so promoters can continue to trade and bring bands over. Wellington and Christchurch have reputations for being last minute towns, and bringing '35 people' on the night certainly won't help improve matters.

Oh, and no, they are not idiots in the slightest. Any band who can tour down to NZ at this level, are deserving of respect.

Bottom line is, if you want to see and support bands, buy your tickets as early as possible so promoters, managers, and bands don't have to make these decisions, and Wellington doesn't have to miss out.
Posted by Jim - anonymous 6 years ago
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I am so gutted!!!! I know a LOT of people that were very keen to go to this show is wellington, but the problem is the show isn't til Dec, and tickets come out wayyyy too early for concerts these days I reckon.
This band would have been a smash in Wellington.

Posted by emmak - anonymous 6 years ago
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To be honest, this gig has barely been given enough exposure in Wellington, the only reason so many of my friends know about it is because i subscribe to the UTR news feed, and have told everyone about it. I've seen a handful of posters places like my local dvd store. it seems a bit foolish to expect large ticket sales in Wellington, without decent exposure. Not even a poster on cuba street!!!
This band exactly fits the wellington scene... everyone loves this sort of music... which is why rockabilly bands, and awesome covers groups like Ricky Boyd and the Boomshack Band consistently turn out good crowds. I know ticket sales were low... but c'mon there has been a few shows which we have all had to get money together for... like Laneway, BDO, Camp A Low Hum.. and more recently The Buzzc**ks earlier this week...and Crocodiles.. who are due to play a fortnight before K, D & L. CAncelling the show one week after they made the front page of grrove guide seems a bit silly. Here I was concerned that they would sell out!!
Posted by emmak - anonymous 6 years ago
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Emmak, I disagree re:'tickets come out wayyyy too early for concerts these days I reckon.'

The majority of shows/festivals you mentioned aren't until Jan/Feb, and it's important to schedule announcements and on-sales carefully for the smaller shows as well. This year, and early next has seen a substantial increase in the number and quality of international acts coming through.

Giving people the chance and the opportunity for foresight to buy tickets early is important, and essential. Everyone needs to be able to plan, and budget accordingly.

Re: decent exposure. This is a moot point, given how aggressive phantom billstickers have become over the last few years. Posters are lasting less than 24 hours on the streets at the moment, and Cuba Street is in particularly high demand.

I disagree that the exposure was lacking - there are multiple ways for people to find out about upcoming events, and street postering is just one small part of this. All the other bases had been well covered.
Posted by Jim - anonymous 6 years ago
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Does anybody want to swap two tickets on Tuesday 15th Auckland Gig for the Wednesday 16th Gig? Would really appreciate it!
Posted by Jcos - anonymous 6 years ago

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