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Live Review: The Ruby Suns, New Media Club, Christchurch

Live Review: The Ruby Suns, New Media Club, Christchurch

Tuesday 2nd March, 2010 12:22PM

Christchurch’s New Media Club is essentially a student common room, complete with couches, vending machine and an overbearing makeshift quality. There is no bar, of course, as this is an all ages show, and the venue itself is emblematic of the crowd present to see The Ruby Suns on their Fight Softly album tour. Of the 100 or so people there, the average age looks and feels about 17, which is worth pointing out when you consider that The Ruby Suns released their debut album in 2005. This doesn’t feel like a fan base, so much as people wanting to listen to some live music and have a good time. Which is a great thing for a band that embodies enjoyment, but also a shame when said band has toured internationally and gained critical success. You can’t help but feel that they deserve more. And yet at no point does it feel like that sentiment is shared by Ryan McPhun, Alistair Deverick or Graham Panther as they emerge from the crowd, take up their instruments and give the crowd exactly what they are here for.

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