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Live Review: Homegrown 2010

Live Review: Homegrown 2010

Wednesday 3rd March, 2010 2:08PM

One would think a festival held on what is usually one of the most brilliant weather days in Wellington (the promoters are consistently so lucky year after year) at a time when first year students are eagerly arriving into the city, as much to study as to precede it with said festival, at an outdoor location surrounded by more bars (if there werenít already enough within festival locale) would end in, um, tears. And who knows, maybe there was something in the water last year when I watched people being shepherded into police cars and friends holding their female counterparts up and slowly ushering them away, but this year, Homegrown 2010, that is, heralded a well behaved crowd, a better set-up, and a pleasant twist of stage preference.

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