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Interview: Jakob

Interview: Jakob

Thursday 15th April, 2010 9:29AM

Jeff Boyle has quite a lot of exciting news for Jakob fans. After finally recovering from surgery on his arm, Boyle and his bandmates Jason Johnston and Marurice Beckett are back on the road as well as working on a new album. Or should that be albums?

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Jakob are currently on tour around NZ for the first time in aaages and will be off to the US shortly so you won't get the opportunity to see them again for a while, here are the dates:

Saturday 17th April, SFBH, Wellington
with Spook the Horses

Friday 23rd April, ReFuel, Dunedin
with Mountaineater

Saturday 24th April, Al's Bar, Christchurch
with Mountaineater

Tickets for the Wellington show on sale from UTR - click here to buy.

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