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Arch Hill To Relase Family Cactus Debut in The US

Arch Hill To Relase Family Cactus Debut in The US

Monday 26th April, 2010 9:03AM

Arch Hill Records have announced that they will be releasing the Family Cactus' awesome debut album Come Howling in the US this week. This will be Arch Hill's first direct US release.

Here's the first and biggest single from the album - "Kingmaker":

Press Release:

Next week Wellington band Family Cactus will be releasing their excellent album "Come Howling" in the USA on Arch Hill Recordings.

In the first week of radio servicing the album has been added to over a dozen US College Radio playlists. These include stations in Boston, New York and Montreal and other major cities. This is a very good start and could suggest the band to really take off on the radio over there.

Come Howling is the first direct US release for Arch Hill under it's own steam. Physical CD distribution is handled by Parasol and digital distribution by IODA. In New Zealand Family Cactus are released on Sony, who we'd like to add do a great job for the band!Family Cactus are also the first band signed to to the new Arch Hill Publishing company, working in association with Native Tongue.

Family Cactus also have a new website at

On May 21st they are also playing with the Phoenix Foundation at the Powerstation in Auckland and they are also working on a new video for the single Coal Town

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