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Muzai Records Celebrate First Birthday

Muzai Records Celebrate First Birthday

Thursday 29th April, 2010 11:31AM

It's hard work being a label, especially an indy one and especially and indy one in NZ but Muzai Records have managed to capture and release an impressive catalogue of music in it's short-life span and come out in the green. So they are rightly celebrating this achievement with a massive first anniversary gig at their favourite all ages venue in Auckland - The Basement.

Muzai:Year One
Friday 28th May, The Basement Bar, Auckland
Featuring: Bandicoot, God Bows To Math, Sherpa, Kittyhawk, Cat Venom, FATANGRYMAN and 1995 will DJ throughout the night.

Tickets on sale May 6th from

And no worries if you can't make it or are not Auckland based you can watch the whole night online at Music Hype.

Press Release:

MUZAI Records in association with presents
Friday 28th May 2010 from 7pm

We've finally pulled our socks up, double checked a date at our favorite venue (as if you have to ask where), and assembled the MUZAI Gundam to meet at the same place at the same time. Some call it a gig. Other calls it a “happening”. We're going to call it a gig none the less.

For one whole year, we've managed to keep afloat and helped out a number of musicians along the way; you all know Bandicoot, right? Some of you probably try and croon along to god bows to math or TFF, or get kinda spazzy with Kittyhawk, we're guessing. You probably also spend some time in your room listening to the melancholy Nice Birds or Cat Venom, playing air guitar to Sherpa or secretly have been bootlegging Kitsunegari or FATANGRYMAN shows when they've played live.

We've wanted to get everyone humanly possible with the label under one roof for one big show for a while, with people asking about these crazy combinations of bands that could work together. So with a lot of love, support and help from, we're heading to our “home”, The Basement on Friday May 28th 2010 for an all ages birthday party – we're going to have a petting zoo, a clown, a bouncy castle and sausage sizzle. Cake! Oh so much cake also!

Actually, as cool as all that sounds, the thought of a petting zoo, a bouncy castle and a large wad of cake is beginning to sound like one of the worst clean up jobs ever.

Instead the night will be littered with performances from “the gang”; Bandicoot, god bows to math, Sherpa, Kittyhawk, Cat Venom, FATANGRYMAN and Kistunegari all under one roof, while our good friends 1995 will be DJ'ing throughout the night in the main theater part. Meanwhile elsewhere, we drag all the merchandise we can find and put it for sale in the bar area while poster artwork and even one offs from some of the artists who have helped shape the “look”of the label; Paul Walsh, Ben Metge, Jessica Dew amongst others.

All the while, the entire event will be broadcast live over the world wide web for those who can't make it, or simply don't want to travel to Auckland. For whatever reason you may have you can catch it on .

Plus the guys at will be hyping the hype out of us with interviews, tweets, Facebook “liking” and MUZAI catalog downloads for your iTunes or tape players, whatever you're using as of late which is cool by all of us.

For more information on the show, keep your peepers locked to either or

Tickets on sale through UNDER THE RADAR from May 6th 2010 - $10 Pre Sale

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