Album Review: Liars - Sisterworld

Album Review: Liars - Sisterworld

Friday 30th April, 2010 9:37AM

Sisterworld sounds as if it's some sort of Harmony Korine-run lake resort town, brimming with anxiety and apprehension, where you might go to indulge every neurosis or violent bent and where every savage indiscretion might be hurriedly disguised beneath the waves.

Concerned with the alternate spaces that people create for themselves within the vast expanses of modern society – case in point, the sprawling metropolis that is Los Angeles – Liars have set out to explore the connections that deadbeats, drop outs and loners maintain with the rest of the general public. What is it that makes them tick? Where is their saviour, when they’re fighting their own reflections and dancing-with-fists in the shadows of a liquor store carpark?

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