Akaname NZ Tour

Akaname NZ Tour

Thursday 6th May, 2010 12:24PM

Melbourne based (by way of Wellington) band Akaname will be returning home in July for a three city tour of the country. To find out how you can get along to one of their shows, check out the details below:

With Special Guests Orthinoligist

Thur 01 July 2010
Kings Arms - Auckland
w/ Carthaginian & The Mark of Man
8pm Doors

Fri 02 July 2010
Medusa - Wellington
w/I.Ryoko & Spook the Horses
9pm Doors

Sat 03 July 2010
Al's Bar - Christchurch
w/Vixen Execution & Zerstyren

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Press Release:


Originally conceived in Wellington, New Zealand in 2005, Akaname is an instrumental post-metal quartet currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Their sound is heavy, angular and atmospheric, drawing parallels from influences including Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects, Crowpath, King Crimson, Tool, Sigur Ros, Blotted Science, Cephalic Carnage, Isis, Magma, Cult of Luna, Kobong, Zatokrev, Jakob and more.

Akaname released their debut EP "Filthlicker" on US based Debello Recordings in Dec 2007, a 5 track excursion in experimental grindcore that showcased the bands early love of heavy progressive music.

The band relocated to Melbourne in September 2008, wrote a swag of material and began unleashing a brand new set of genre-bending heaviness at local venues from January 2009. Late 09 saw the release of “As Above/So Below”, a limited edition self released EP showcasing three tracks of the bands more thought out and diverse approach of late – certainly creating huge atmosphere in the absence of vocals.

July 2010 will see Akaname return to tour NZ Shores, bringing with them their long awaited self titled album, which is set to be released in NZ on the 1st of July. The new record explores both the symmetric and entropic aspects of the bands character, unravelling, over its duration, spacetime warping technicality and full frontal riffery polarised by geometric grooves, hyperatmosperic washes and subliminal textural layers.

With Side project band Orthinologist in tow for all shows, you can catch Akaname live in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch with support from local bands Carthaginian & The Mark of Man, I.Ryoko & Spook the Horses, Vixen Execution & Zerstyren.

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Thu 1st Jul
Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland
Fri 2nd Jul
Medusa, Wellington
Sat 3rd Jul
Al's Bar, Christchurch