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Rackets To Release Debut Albums

Rackets To Release Debut Albums

Tuesday 11th May, 2010 11:14AM

It seems that Auckland band Rackets aren't into doing things by halves. While every other band chooses to release just one debut album, they've decided that's not good enough. May 17th will see the release of two Rackets albums that'll be available from their shows, in-store and online.

So, why two albums? "We wrote a lot of songs and didnt want to bore people with too much information at once, plus breaking them up makes it more affordable. If you buy one and like it, get the other one".

They describe the albums as "like brother and sister" rather than thematically linked and they were both recorded "in New Lynn with a legendary man named Bob Frisbee starting in July last year and finished in Febuary".

The albums will be sold seperately instead of as a double album, but Rackets are clear on what they want you to do. "You should buy both at once. Our price is $15 for one or you can buy both for $25". Bargain!

As bands tend to do, Rackets are playing a show at Auckland's Bacco Room to celebrate the release of the album. Don't think the rest of the country is missing out though. "We have a 30 date tour going down later in the year. No dates locked in but we're basically going to play everywhere with a band called Alizirin Lizard and its going to be cool so come".

The Auckland show details are below. You can get tickets from right HERE and all presales will receive a free MP3.

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Sat 15th May
Bacco Room, Auckland