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Jester Underground Music Month Showcases

Jester Underground Music Month Showcases

Tuesday 11th May, 2010 2:42PM

Event and music management company Jester Underground have organised three show cases for you lucky Aucklanders happening throughout music month - the first kicking off this Saturday at Coherent:

NZ Beats Showcase: Pig Out, Bromide Dub, Scratch 22, Oogun - Sat May 15th, Coherent Bar
Battle Circus and Decoritca - Saturday, May 22 - Kings Arms Tavern
Bang Bang Eche with special guests, Bandicoot, Sherpa, Strange Beast and Turning Tricks - Sat May 29th - Bacco Room

Tickets for all shows on sale now from UTR - head to our ticketing section for more info.

Note from the promoter:

Jester Underground is an Event & Music Management company based in Auckland, NZ. Last week we re-launched the brand after 5months of re-building, adding in a few extra services and overhauling the over-all design feel. Celebrating NZ Music Month in true fashion we have put together 3 events showcasing NZ music from an emerging / underground point of view. Each event is Genre specific and spread out over the course of May. Genres include NZ Beats, Alternate / Rock, and Indie. The main focus is to provide a platform where the Underground Artists can share a stage with the Emerging and Commercial bound artists widening the opportunity for discovery. The concept is simple, tried and tested. We're revamping this showcase format and pulling in a more 'Party / Celebratory' feel into each one of these events. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information on these events and more exciting events yet to be announced later in the year!

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