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Album Review: Hole - Nobody's Daughter

Album Review: Hole - Nobody's Daughter

Wednesday 19th May, 2010 12:18PM

An open letter to Courtney Love:

Ah Courtney Love how I um, loved, no! admired you! You’re marriage to Kurt Cobain coupled with your celebratized dislocation from society, angst at the world and general tumultuous emotions. At thirteen I felt I embodied everything that you were, you wanted and didn’t want to be an listened to where you poured your earnest emoticon into – your music, and where your partner did too, and where a few less critically accepted grunge-era heartthrobs(?) poured theirs into (Temple of the Dog anyone?). ‘Celebrity Skin’ and Live Through This spoke to me as clearly as if I lived on the West Coast wore petticoats and smudged lipstick (which I did, stolen from my mother), and they spoke to a generation of teen girls and beyond (bear in mind that my generation didn’t experience Courtney Love first time round) who idolized Hole, Garbage and The Cardigans with a vigor akin (and before the proper internet!) to Justin Beiber-mania, and we felt empowered!

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