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Video Premiere: Cash - Chop At The Poppy

Video Premiere: Cash - Chop At The Poppy

Thursday 20th May, 2010 2:46PM

Undertheradar is pleased as punch to bring you the premiere of "Chop At The Poppy" from Cash (formerly Charlie Ash). First though, here's what Cash had to say about the video...

"Chop At The Poppy is directed by Paora Durie. The video features Cash (previously Charlie ASH)+ bffs. It was filmed on a rainy night, in the vacant yard behind 464a K Road. The yard is really pretty but is usually ignored, although on Saturdays Geordie likes to throw furniture in there. Mailee and Rosie worked with James Duncan to produce this song, which is on Cash's brand new EP - also called Chop At The Poppy. It was released at DOC on Saturday."

And without further ado - feast your eyes on this:

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