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Tahuna Breaks Music Video Removed From Youtube

Tahuna Breaks Music Video Removed From Youtube

Tuesday 25th May, 2010 11:36AM

To people of a certain age, some things are sacred. If you have fond memories of watching a ball race through a pinball machine with a funky soundtrack of people counting off numbers then you may not want to watch the new music video from Tahuna Breaks. If you enjoy a good parody however, then definitely take a look. Be warned though, 'Giddy Up' has proven too controversial for the suits over at Youtube, which has meant that the group has had to find alternative (read: porn) sites to host the vid. Luckily Vimeo is also hosting it and we have posted it below for your viewing pleasure.

Tahuna Breaks - Giddy Up (HD) ...... Leah Morgan from Morten Leirkjaer on Vimeo.

And here is the original for comparisons sake.

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