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Rufus Wainwright Announces NZ Tour

Rufus Wainwright Announces NZ Tour

Tuesday 8th June, 2010 9:19AM

After being forced to cancel his tour earlier in the year, Rufus Wainwright has made good on his promise to return to New Zealand and will appearing across the country in October. No doubt expectations will be even higher for those who were looking forward to seeing him the first time around. This will no doubt be an emotional rollercoaster of a performance!

Thursday 28th October - Town Hall, Christchurch

Saturday 30th October - Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington

Sunday 31st October - The Civic, Auckland


Melodrama meets Magnificence:
New Zealands’ awaited return

If you’ve ever been promised the world dear reader; here’s the next best thing. An intimate evening of solo splendour with the devastating Rufus Wainwright – featuring nothing more than a grand piano, a folder full of rich, thoughtful songs, and that voice.

Today it is announced that Mr Wainwright will be wooing his adoring audiences across the country. Following his Sydney show, the tour will begin in Christchurch on Thursday 28th October at the Town Hall, before heading to Wellington for a show on Saturday 30th October at the Michael Fowler Centre. The New Zealand tour will conclude in Auckland on Sunday 31st October at The Civic.

As supporters of Rufus will know, these concerts are a special thank you to his loyal and understanding New Zealand fans who had bought tickets expecting to see Rufus perform solo in February 2010. Shows which were sadly cancelled due to a family illness earlier this year, but Rufus made a promise to return to New Zealand later in 2010.

The passing away of his mother and “greatest admirer and critic”, legendary folksinger Kate McGarrigle, in January this year, and the enduring admiration for his sister, folk-rocker Martha Wainwright, are themes that pervade much of Rufus Wainwright’s breathtaking sixth studio album: ‘All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu’.

This is an album steeped in beauty, with hugely personal and deeply emotional songs, each channeled through Wainwright via only his fingers, voice and piano.

In a message to his New Zealand fans, Rufus Wainwright said: “ This year has been the toughest yet for me and my family with the passing of my amazing mother Kate McGarrigle, and I'm definitely in need of some sweet down under sun and smiles. Though it may appear at the outset that my new album and show are quite dark, don't be alarmed, I'm no fool and will always make sure to ensure a well rounded evening: be prepared to laugh as well as cry your little eyes out. Love Rufus.”

Audiences can expect music drawn from his entire career alongside the new record which features the arresting ‘Who Are You New York?’, Wainwright’s ode to the city; the beautiful ‘Martha’, a spare and powerful track named for his sister; ‘Les Feux d’artifice t’appellent’ – the final aria from his debut opera ‘Prima Donna’; and ‘Zebulon’, a majestic song about one of Wainwright’s high school sweethearts.

Reactions from fans and critics alike have been universally positive. About All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu, Q Magazine has said, “It’s a flabbergasting, intense album that demands intense listening.” While All Music Guide agreed the record is “a bold, absolutely emotionally naked statement that retains Wainwright’s devastating talent for artful, universally compelling songcraft.”

Surprise your loved one(s) with tickets to something truly wonderful and intimate and do not delay in securing your tickets for this very special concert delivered by the man Elton John calls “the greatest songwriter on the planet.” As we said earlier this year – if the 2008 Rufus Wainwright New Zealand tour is anything to go by – his return in 2010 will no doubt be the absolute musical highlight of your calendar year!


Thursday 28th October - Town Hall, Christchurch 0800 TICKETEK

Saturday 30th October - Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington 0800 TICKETEK

Sunday 31st October - The Civic, Auckland 0800 BUY TICKETS

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