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Stream New Dear Time's Waste Song

Stream New Dear Time's Waste Song

Thursday 10th June, 2010 9:16AM

"I've been busy working on the first Dear Time's Waste LP", says Claire Duncan when UTR caught up with her. That album is due out in New Zealand later in the year, but will also be accompanied by something special that Claire is working on. "In tandem with the album release will be the launch of a small book of poems and photographs relating to some of the content in a lot of the songs. I'm still not 100% sure what that 'launch' will look like but it is exciting to be casting work of a different medium into the public arena".

So it really is a busy time then, especially once you include the impending Australian tour, "we are gunning for August and then again in October or November". Dear Time's Waste recently signed with Australian Label Speak And Spell, the people at which Claire has known for a while. "I've known the Speak n Spell fellows for quite some time and they have always been supportive of my music, and the time was right to move to second base".

We also asked Claire to tell us a bit about the new song 'Blue & Gold' as well as the new album. "The new song Blue & Gold is the first five-minute snippet of the album, which will be released in NZ in September 2010 and in Australia in early 2011. The record is a project I intended on having quite a filmic sound, as a lot of the songs I write are in some kind of response to films and other texts. A way I like to think about it is sort of like projecting a film onto a sheet hanging from the wall and seeing the picture bend with the creases and shadows. There's also a number of extremely talented musicians playing on the record, some of whom include Brent & Rosemarie Harris, Rikki Sutton and Djeisan Suskov".

You can stream the new song Blue & Gold below.

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