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One Off Exodus Show Announced

One Off Exodus Show Announced

Friday 18th June, 2010 1:16PM

San Fransisco Bay Area thrash metalers, and former band of Kirk Hammett, Exodus are heading for a one-off show in Auckland this October. This is their first ever headline show here, so don't be surprised if demand for tickets is high. We've got them for you HERE at UTR.


At the beginning of their career, EXODUS gained huge notoriety in the international underground scene as a result of the tape trading community. Their dynamic guitar riffing, adrenaline-inducing drum work, and bloodied live shows made all the difference in the bandís mission to take Bay Area Thrash to a worldwide audience. By 1983, the band line-up included guitarist Rick Hunolt and bassist Rob McKillop and had inspired the likes of Metallica, Testament, Death Angel, and Vio-lence. EXODUSí debut, the immortal, must-have, undisputed thrash classic Bonded By Blood was released in and a vast tour with Slayer and Venom propelled the band into a household name. Eight albums later, EXODUS still remain at the top of their game, continuing to dominate the charge and showing all in their path what classic metal is about.

These undisputed thrash metal legends are on their way to smash Australian and New Zealand for their first headlining tour in these parts of the globe. EXODUS promise us another lesson in violence with a thrashing master class in heart-racing, eyebrow-raising, raise-your-fist-in-the-air guitar riffs, rip-tide bass lines, and double-bass flurries.

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Fri 1st Oct
Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland