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Autolux New Album + Download

Autolux New Album + Download

Wednesday 14th July, 2010 11:59AM

If you feel like it's been ages since you heard from Autolux, you'd be right - the band haven't released anything new since their awesome debut Future Perfect in 2004. BUT that's all about to change, Autolux are finally set to release follow up Transit Transit next month on ATP Recordings and if new track "Supertoys" is anything to go by, we're in for another treat. 

You can download "Supertoys" from the bands site (in exchange for an email address) or check it out on

Before "Supertoys" the band did release another track in 2008 which will feature on the record called "Audience No.2" (video below) and if you want to get uber-geeky The Quietus have an interview up with Greg Edwards who talks them through the new album track by track.

"Audience No.2" (not a proper vid)


While we're at it, may as well do a bit of a Future Perfect video marathon - why not!

"Turnstile Blues"

"Here Comes Everybody" (fan vid)

"Robots In The Garden"

"Great Days For The Passenger Element" (fan vid)

"Asleep At The Trigger" (no a proper vid either - last one though)

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