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Guess Who's Coming To Town....

Guess Who's Coming To Town....

Wednesday 28th July, 2010 10:58AM

It's been way too long since we've been able to do a Guess Who's Coming To Town and this is a goodin!

To be officially announced tomorrow morning, this artist is Californian based and has a local connection having worked with a NZ solo artist currently abroad on their upcoming album.

They have released an impressive collection of music since forming in 2002 but would not be well known outside indie circles, their latest album was released this year and was reviewed favourably here on UTR.

Pretty vague yes but we've made these too easy in the past. Go on, have a crack - also who do you think the NZ solo artist is?


The cats out of the bag - Undertheradar, Strange News (AK) and VBC (Welly) are pleased to announce the return of Xiu Xiu! Click HERE for the details and to find out who the NZ artist is.

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