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Guess Who's Coming To Town...

Guess Who's Coming To Town...

Friday 30th July, 2010 11:50AM

Ooh two Guess Who's Coming To Town features in one week - what a treat!

To be announced next week, this duo is not from the usual locales of our touring artists, ie the US or UK, and while barely out of their teens have a mature musical style.

They have received some attention in the usual indie circles, mainly for their cover of a major indie band known for their harmonies, but wouldn't be well known here (though we'd be happily proven wrong but not by folks with insider knowledge please).

What do you reckon?

We'll post more clues on Monday if necessary.

UPDATE: 10th August 2010

You really are too good at this - it's just been announce that First Aid Kit will be coming to NZ in September to play one show - click HERE for full details.


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