Bam Magera Detained In NZ After CKY Tour

Bam Magera Detained In NZ After CKY Tour

Wednesday 11th August, 2010 9:56AM

Apparently Bam Magera (Jackass and Viva La Bam) who accompanied his little brothers band CKY on their NZ tour over the weekend has been detained here delaying the bands Australian tour. It's not known why yet but with someone like Bam anything is possible - we'll update this if new info comes to light.

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Jess is bams OLDER brother not little brother
Posted by rudyxblitz 6 years ago
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Jess is small though! It's a shame that on top of Bam's entertainingly annoying smartass personality, he's a slut for drugs as well.
Posted by Bloopy 6 years ago

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