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Preview: Sharpie Crows - Mass Grave EP

Preview: Sharpie Crows - Mass Grave EP

Monday 23rd August, 2010 11:21AM

Sharpie Crows are finally set to release some new material in the form of a five track EP titled Mass Grave which is accompanied by another six track EP title Golf Course. Mass Grave/Golf Course is out next Monday (30th August) via Mole Music who are kindly allowing us to give you a sneak preview of Mass Grave in the lead up to it's official release.

This is a classic Sharpies release summed up perfectly by the label...

"Mass Grave/Golf Course reflects the unrelenting misery and bitterness felt by the band in their first year as unemployed immigrants in Australia. Most of the songs are about genocide and/or tobacco, but the potentially depressing lyrical themes are, as always, leavened with wit and playful surprises. These songs are mysterious, limber, and unpredictable; they suggest a wine-addled netherworld where cynical diplomats mingle with nihilistic zonked-out teens, somewhere between Addis Ababa, Warsaw and Wellington."

This preview has expired and head to or to get your mits on the EP.

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