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Video: Arcade Fire - We Used To Wait

Video: Arcade Fire - We Used To Wait

Tuesday 31st August, 2010 9:23AM

Wow - this is definitely one of the coolest videos we've seen recently if not ever. It is an online only interactive video for Arcade Fire's "We Used To Wait" off their new album The Suburbs - you enter the address of the suburb/town where you grew up or even currently live and it incorporates google streetview images of your suburb/town into the video complete with nostalgic sepia tones - amazing! 

You'll need to watch using google chrome (download here) - it's definitely worth it - even if you hate Arcade Fire, you don't have to listen to the music.

Head to to check it out. 

If you get a message saying there are not enough streetview images to watch the film as intended  - watch it anyway and then if you're curious to see the whole thing in action enter a major suburb or city.

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