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With Love From: Nashville (Part 2 of 2)

With Love From: Nashville (Part 2 of 2)

Thursday 9th September, 2010 11:48AM

Yesterday we posted With Love From: Chicago, a compilation of tracks put together by expat musician Renee-Louise Carafice from artists she discovered while living in - Chicago. Today as promised we have the second installment, With Love From: Nashville featuring artists from here current home. If you missed yesterdays post, definitely check that one out first (click HERE) and then head back and give this one a listen.

Again Renee has written a brief intro to each artist and you can listen to the tracks via the player below - enjoy!

With Love From: Nashville

These boys are my next-door neighbors, and we can often hear them practicing. They are doing what a lot of bands seem to be doing these days – the swampy home-made rock n roll thing –but they do it better than anyone I’ve heard so far. Daniel Pujol’s guitar riffs are beautifully melodic and strange.

Is a local legend. The old man who sits at the local dive bar and spins fabulously unbelievable yarns while you day-drink on a sweltering Nashville afternoon. The thing is, though, he is incredibly talented. The fact that he drops his pants during every show he plays does not deter Nashville from claiming him as their pride and joy.

I caught this dude playing a show at the notoriously seedy Betty’s Bar in Nashville. Screaming out lyrics while playing the background music on a ghetto-blaster, he got everyone in the room very happy very quickly, even weird old drunk ladies at the bar who had nothing to do with the show.

My roommate is in this band. There is no other way to describe it except it is him and 3 really hot girls, kicking out punk songs that are actually really really good.

Nathan Vasquez is the quiet genius-nerd who comes up with the best pop songs in Nashville. Every town has one of those. During shows he becomes wild with excitement and knocks audience members over doing forward rolls into the crowd. This song is probably the song of my summer this year.

These kids come and play basketball at my house all the time. This song is about the Nashville flood that happened recently, destroying a lot of our town.

7. MARJ!
My best friend’s band in Nashville, the band is comprised of he and his brother and their childhood friend (think Eli from “The Royal Tenenbaums”). The boys play intricately structured, fiercely nerdy rock n roll songs that have any musician in the audience cheering in amazement.

Jake and Jamen are becoming very popular now and touring a lot. The two brothers just play guitar and drums, and they are leaders of the home-made rock n roll movement happening in Nashville right now. Very catchy shit.

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