Interview: Robert Scott

Interview: Robert Scott

Wednesday 22nd September, 2010 8:25AM

You could make the case that Robert Scott is New Zealandís greatest ever musician (well, perhaps alongside Lilburn and Galbraith). A key member of two of New Zealandís greatest groups, the Clean and the Bats, Scott has done a considerable amount to make New Zealand music heard and influence overseas. Despite his long career in these two bands, he has also found time to record and release solo music. His latest charming solo album Ends Run Together, takes Scott back to his roots Ė itís released on Flying Nun, the label through which Scott built his reputation. But there are some things which are always constant with Scottís output Ė the chiming guitars, the restless experimentation, and the fact itís good.

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Ends Run Together was released on Monday (20th Sept).


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