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Album Review: Timothy Blackman - I've Never Lived

Album Review: Timothy Blackman - I've Never Lived

Wednesday 29th September, 2010 11:03AM

Itís an arresting cover image. A lion is coloured in orange, almost naively, but like the album contained within, thereís a thing of beauty and fierceness hidden within something so simple. Itís almost as if those little things which donít quite fit into pre-determined lines are just as important. Timothy Blackmanís debut album Iíve Never Lived is arresting in how close it sounds to you, warts and all Ė Blackman sounds like heís having a conversation with you and youíve got no option but to take notice of his point of view. It helps that heís got a compelling voice and raw moving songs, and you realise once youíve stepped back from the album that his point of view is also well-worth listening to.

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