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Album Preview: Renee-Louise Carafice - I Will Raise A Bird Army

Album Preview: Renee-Louise Carafice - I Will Raise A Bird Army

Monday 4th October, 2010 10:51AM

The excellent new album from Renee-Louise Carafice I Will Raise A Bird Army is out today and as promised we have a preview of it for you streaming all this week.

Below you can listen to four tracks from the album, the first single "A Kick To The Head" released as a free download (available from her website - link below) and three others chosen by Renee who also kindly included a brief intro to each track...

"Radars Dead"
This one should really be called ďOn Lake MichiganĒ, because the tune came to me while I was walking in the snow alongside the lake. This song features me playing a hand-clap gun and a desk bell. The story of the song kind of sums up the theme of the album, if there is one.

"On Lake Michigan"
Thatís me doing a baby noise with my mouth, distorted. Why am I telling you all the secrets? Thatís also my dear old friend Ben King from Goldenhorse playing an electric sitar. Thatís me playing drums even though I have no idea how to play drums. This whole album was a big playtime with instruments for me.

"Runt Kid Psalm"
My cheap toys r us keyboard sure can make some amazing drum beats. I have to actually personally play each beat though, it doesnít loop anything. So thatís me freaking out that Iíll hit a wrong fake 80s cowbell button. This song is obviously about my little brother, who is my own personal hero. The percussion at the end sounds electronic but itís live. Itís Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu banging tiny cymbals in the bathroom.



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