Ian Morris From Th' Dudes Found Dead

Ian Morris From Th' Dudes Found Dead

Friday 8th October, 2010 11:08AM

Sad news today as we've just found out founding member Ian Morris from Th' Dudes was found dead yesterday morning in Napier.

The 53 year-old also worked as a producer and record engineer with many musicians during his career.

Th' Dudes were a late 1970s / early 1980s pop/rock band from New Zealand with major NZ hits include Walking in Light, Right First Time and Be Mine Tonight.

Napier police would not provide details about Mr Morris' death today but said no suspicious circumstances existed.

Be Mine Tonight


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RIP Ian. Part of a legend band in NZ history. Rock on.
Posted by progfrog - anonymous 6 years ago
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Ian - im gonna build that Trainwreck amp you shared with me soon .
Stars burn out - but Legends shine for ever,
you will never be fogotten Dude .
Posted by stu mcleod - anonymous 6 years ago
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RIP Ian, the little time i spent with you really inspired me. Thanks
Posted by JAH - anonymous 6 years ago

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