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Album Review: Coolies - Master

Album Review: Coolies - Master

Monday 11th October, 2010 12:10PM

It's been a longtime between drinks for the Coolies. They were all over the show back in the day, seemingly headed for great things. Then they fell off the radar. Turns out they were losing drummers, gaining drummers, breaking up and getting back together, while at the same time getting tight with like-minded folk in the States. Master is an overview of the last four years, with songs old and new, plus a couple of live recordings. Where so many bands are polishing and pro-tooling their shit to shine, with typical insouciance, the Coolies all of a sudden drop this corker of an album as if to say, "what a bunch of try-hards you are, we recorded this on a reel-to-reel!".

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