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Listen To The New EP From Mild America - Cold Mountain

Listen To The New EP From Mild America - Cold Mountain

Wednesday 13th October, 2010 10:45AM

Mild America released their second EP Cold Mountain on Monday via Mole Music. The EP follows their debut release Coriander & Heaven and is available digitally and an intriguing sounding limited edition stamped laser cut Kauri Mountain.  Have a listen....

<a href="">Cold Mountain by Mild America</a>

Head to to get yourself a copy.

Press Release:

Mole Music is proud to bring you Mild America’s new 5 song EP, Cold Mountain. Like the last Mild America release--Coriander & Heaven--Cold Mountain was written and preformed by Mark Brenndorfer and recorded by Mark’s younger brother, partially at Hamilton’s “The Porch”, but mostly in a makeshift studio at home. The record also features vocals from Alaska’s Romelli Rodriguez and trumpeting from Deer Park’s Shannon Walsh. The album packaging was handmade by Auckland designer, Philip Rosieur.

Using the poetry of Chinese Tang dynasty recluse, Han Shan, as a point of reference, the new songs explore themes of isolation. They come out of a post-everything blues, and see Mild America trading in the bulk of their alt-country flavour and warm harmonies for a more spacious, maudlin, and dynamically erratic style. Mild America may sound more bitter than sweet this time around, and as Brenndorfer is soon heading into the Asian night to sink or float, this is probably the last we’ll hear from him for a while.

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