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Album Review: Full Moon Fiasco - Cosmic Palms

Album Review: Full Moon Fiasco - Cosmic Palms

Wednesday 13th October, 2010 3:11PM

Will Rattray is an ambiguous musical creature. He walks a Wellington walk; a 1970ís nonchalant hippy vibe thatís tie-dyed bliss with the occasional dreadlock and hand made pant combo in tow. Itís the kind of walk, and perhaps heart, one images beating to timpani drums and Hare Krishna marches up Cuba Street whilst devouring vegan necessities and the occasional organic cider (if at all). But then, to completely contradict all this, thereís Rattrayís voice in Full Moon Fiasco, a deep, crooning (yes!) and sexually motivated drawl that is uncompromising in its consistency. And thereís also the immaculate production of both of his musical outfits Ė Thought Creature and Full Moon Fiasco Ė that is entirely down to Rattray himself. An ambiguous notion indeed is Mr. Rattray, and one that Cosmic Palms, more so than any previous output, is all the better for.

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