Album Review: The Charlatans - Who We Touch

Album Review: The Charlatans - Who We Touch

Thursday 14th October, 2010 1:51PM

The Charlatans were always a difficult band to pin down and a band fated to draw comparisons with their laundry list of contemporaries. Are they to be cast as a down-to-Planet-Earth Stone Roses? Perhaps a more personable Oasis? While music boffins busy themselves with such heavy-handed comparisons the band simply gets on with the job at hand of making music. Unlike many of the early 90s Brit-rock bands The Charlatans have remained active, if not vital, through the years since their 1990 debut. Two decades on they have remarkably managed to avoid any lengthy hiatus (releasing an album every 2 or 3 years) or internal conflict that could cripple their burgeoning legacy.

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