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Album Review: No Age - Everything In Between

Album Review: No Age - Everything In Between

Thursday 11th November, 2010 11:15AM

No Age are masters of the album format. Sure, they've released some undeniably powerful singles over the years ("Teen Creeps", "Everybody's Down"), but they craft the kind of records that flow seamlessly from track to track, using dynamic shifts and ambient interludes to great effect. Everything In Between, their third album and second for venerable label Sub Pop, continues their progression as shoegazing-yet-punky noise-poppers. The balance this time around is more skewed to that "shoegaze" and "pop" side of things. Whereas previous release Nouns opened with no-holds-barred rippers "Miner" and "Eraser", the opening salvo here is more subdued and somewhat restrained - "Life Prowler" and "Glitter", the first single from the album, both emphasise a more melodic approach that demonstrates how far they've come as songwriters.

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