Toro Y Moi and Captain Ahab Wellington Show Announced

Toro Y Moi and Captain Ahab Wellington Show Announced

Monday 22nd November, 2010 2:01PM

We've just been alerted to what we hope will be the first of many Campus A Low Hum sideshows, a double billing of almost polar opposite US artists Toro Y Moi and Captain Ahab. They will be performing at The Garden Club in Wellington on Tuesday 15th February. Apparently this is the only sideshow these bands will be playing, ticketing details tbc.

Click HERE to listen/download Toro Y Moi aka Chaz Bundick's Daytrotter Session from a couple of months ago.

Captain Ahab will no doubt be incredibly entertaining, here are a couple of their videos:

"Girls Gone Wild" which featured on The Office:

"I Can't Believe It's Not Booty" (NSFW):

"Snakes On The Brain" which won them a spot on the film Snakes On A Plane:

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Toro Y Moi!
Posted by Oskiiii 5 years ago
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Posted by pinktricity 5 years ago
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woah, woah, woah....Toro??!?!?!! not Auckland show?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Posted by Chris - anonymous 5 years ago
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wtf toro? no auckland show?? you are most welcome up here we gota see ya!
Posted by ricky - anonymous 5 years ago

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