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Album Review: Lower Dens - Twin Hand Movement

Album Review: Lower Dens - Twin Hand Movement

Tuesday 23rd November, 2010 11:11AM

I remember the first time I really began to take notice of Jana Hunter's music, after coming across a low quality mp3 of her track Restless while online at my parent's place during summer between semesters. It's the type of moment of clarity that many music fans have, when you tap into something that will stay with you for years to come - finding an artist that reaches out to you on a level that's more personable and endearing than the vast majority of others. In the 6-years I've been listening to her music, Hunter has never failed to strike me to the core. There are influential musicians that exist on a personal level for various reasons for everyone who even considers themselves aficionados of music. Myself, I have a small cluster that sit ranked above the rest - Phil Elverum, Julie Doiron, Heather Lewis, Stefan Neville, Jamie Stewart, Kate Bush (not kidding), and Jana Hunter. For me, her music is personal.

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