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Did Mos Def Ditch NZ and Australia For Prince...

Did Mos Def Ditch NZ and Australia For Prince...

Thursday 20th January, 2011 11:33AM

An article posted by and uncovered by Cheeseontoast could shed light on the REAL reason that Mos Def postponed his NZ and Australian tour the day before it was supposed to commence (on Wed 19th Jan).  Basically, he just could have had something better to do, the Spin article reviews a Prince concert in NY on Tuesday (18th Jan) night and identifies Mos Def as joining Prince on stage. The sighting is backed up by a piece on the which also provides evidence of the artist flaking on other Australian tour dates in the past.

Due to the time difference it is likely that he only attended the show because the tour had already been postponed and for the sake of all we certainly hope this is the case, especially as one of the reason cited for the postponement was that a member of his crew was sick - but check out the articles, do the math and make up  your own mind.

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