Video Interview: Grinderman

Video Interview: Grinderman

Saturday 22nd January, 2011 11:06AM

Grinderman played Aucklands Big Day Out yesterday to an enthusiastic but wet crowd. (Were you there? Let us know your thoughts below)

Check out the 3News video interview when Tim Lambourne sat down with Sclavunos and Ellis hours before their performance.

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Incredible performance, the rain made it all somehow even more appropriate. Along with the absolutely stunning Primal Scream, the performance of the day. Privileged.
Posted by Jen - anonymous 5 years ago
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Fantastic performance despite the atrocious weather and technical problems. Nick Cave risked the health of lovely suit by jumping into the sodden crowd- brilliant.
Posted by Luke - anonymous 5 years ago
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Awesome show. Quite chaotic & I kept thinking they might fall apart any moment but they never did which is what a great rock band should be like. After all the technical difficulties at the start I thought they might just walk off but they handled it with real humour & grace, Nick Cave even joked about the problem being their Australian amps & that they had asked for NZ ones. The rain actually added to the atmosphere. My favourite moment being during the song Grinderman when Nick Cave sung the lyrics " the silver rain" while the lights were shining on the pouring rain around us. Warren Ellis's musicianship was also a highlight which was psychedelic, visceral & never predictable.
Posted by - anonymous 5 years ago
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TIPPYTOES! TIPPYTOES! Hey, I'm just trying to relax
Posted by They call my baby the Worm Tamer - anonymous 5 years ago

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