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Album Review: Cake - Showroom of Compassion

Album Review: Cake - Showroom of Compassion

Wednesday 26th January, 2011 12:40PM

Cake came from the same school of knowingly awkward 90s alternative rock as Beck, Weezer, and Presidents of the United States of America. So what happened to all of these hipster-darling wunderkinds over the years? Beck has been lost in space for years, flying between planet hip-hop and planet folk singer in search of a balance between the two. Weezer stopped being truly relevant years ago and are drifting further away from critical acclaim and commercial success with every album. The Presidents, god bless them, are practically their own tribute band these days, resting on their not inconsiderable laurels. So what happened to Cake? Well, they are back after seven silent years with ‘Showroom of Compassion’ another album full of goofy funk and deadpan wisdom. In spite of the very long time between drinks, the album doesn’t sound over-thought, over-scrutinised, or over-produced. Hats go off to the band for keeping it simple and staying true to their off-the-cuff sound.

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