Album Review: The Greenhornes - ****

Album Review: The Greenhornes - ****

Tuesday 8th February, 2011 10:08AM

Off the back of various members of the band taking on other projects, Cincinnatiís premier rockíníroll throwbacks The Greenhornes release their fourth album Ė and first in eight years Ė **** (aka Four Stars). The album is an excellent showcase of what the band built their name on; tour-de-force vintage rock played with 21st century volume. All of the key references are present; The Kinks, early Rolling Stones, Rubber Soul era Beatles, and many more besides. Perhaps you can find the campy Doors-like Wurlitzer vamps or some Byrds-ian tambourines in there. If the songs werenít generally good then listening to this album could/would degenerate into a spot-the-influence marathon. While one of two songs scarcely leave an impression and a couple feel like mere sketches, the albumís numerous solid tracks hold your interest through the weaker areas. This is not insipid revivalism at work, but that of three musicians with a genuine love for rock music and the tools at their disposable to craft a loving homage to it.

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