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Album Review: Adele - 21

Album Review: Adele - 21

Wednesday 16th February, 2011 1:20PM

Adele rose to fame at the same time as a whole bunch of British singers with safe voices and tedious songs started ruling the airwaves (e.g. Amy Winehouse, Duffy; New Zealandís Gin Wigmore unfortunately latched onto that trend). Adele had the youth and talent to actually suggest her debut album 19 would have been able to transcend the other references. And while 21, her follow-up and massive selling second album, struggles at part to demonstrate much of a personality (especially in comparison to the great soul singers which Adele is clearly in thrall to), the songs are assured, the production top-notch, and the overall package, one that is slick and easy to see why sheís carving up a little at the moment.

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