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Album Preview: An Emerald City - The Fourth

Album Preview: An Emerald City - The Fourth

Monday 21st February, 2011 11:21AM

An Emerald City are gearing up for the release of their second album The Fourth next Monday(28th February) and we have a sneak preview for you running all this week.

We asked the band to select some tracks for us to stream, which you can do so below, and to tell us a little about them. Here's what they had to say....

01. B31
This is the first song we created when Dan our drummer joined us. It took hours of work to get it right in the practise room, but also during the mixing. The sample at the beginning, which is the start of the album, was a field recording of two young German buskers playing a ratty tatty little keyboard at the Turkish Markets in East Berlin.

02. Seizuretron
One of the last songs written by the original band members when we first arrived in Germany in 2009. This is the re-recorded version we did during The Fourth album sessions, Seizuretron was the first departure from the Eastern-psych of Circa Scaria towards a more industrial feel.

03. Circa Scaria
The oldest song on the album and the inspiration for the title of our 2009 debut. Circa Scaria was a song the band had tried to get right for years. It finally came together in 2010 late one night over some drinks in an apartment with Sam, Rob and Reuben where the sitar, open style ostrich guitar tuning, and cello like synth line brought out the true potential in the song.

05. Key To The Kingdom
This was actually started as a joke song that we would toy with in the practise room in 2009. Between a sifty percussion beat that Rob was toying with and the equally sifty bassline that added to it, when the creepy synth and violin came in, and the mechanical beats, we started to actually take it seriously. We have always joked that it depicts a trip to Amsterdam to go and see Jean Michel Jarre on 'psychedelics'.


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