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Listen: New Mountain Goats Album - All Eternals Deck

Listen: New Mountain Goats Album - All Eternals Deck

Friday 11th March, 2011 9:43AM

New Zealand favourites, The Mountain Goats have a new album coming out at the end of the month via Merge titled All Eternals Deck.

The album features The Mountain Goats trio of John Darnell, Peter Hughes and Jon Wurster and was recorded in studios up the seaboard from Tampa to Boston with producers John Congleton, Brandon Eggleston, Erik Rutan (former Morbid Angel guitarist) and Scott Solter.

Merge describe the release as "gravitating toward images and stories of doomed people or tribes trying to leave a scratch mark or two on some visible surface before their brief moment in the sun has slipped by forever [continuing] Darnielleís career-long quest to find hard-won moments of joy in the momentary resolve of people who have recognized, in the glare of a trainís oncoming head lamp, their fate".

You can listen to the whole thing right now over at NPR - click HERE to check it out.


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