Christchurch Earthquake Benefit Concert Cancelled

Christchurch Earthquake Benefit Concert Cancelled

Wednesday 30th March, 2011 11:15AM

The Christchurch Earthquake Benefit Concert scheduled for this Friday at Auckland's ASB Showgrounds had been cancelled due to lack of presales.  The event was to host over 100 local artists across five stages.

Press Release:

I regret to inform that the Christchurch Earthquake Benefit concert has been cancelled.

Due to a lack of numbers in ticket sales to date, the event was at a risk of making a loss instead of raising money for the Red Cross. As such I decided it was inappropriate to continue with it.

Within 48 minutes of the Christchurch earthquake I started pulling together this event and, on reflection I may have not allowed enough of a lead time to generate the ticket sales required to contribute to the intended cause - the Red Cross efforts in Christchurch. So, the difficult decision has been made to cancel the event.

My team would like to wholeheartedly thank all the musicians, artists and contributors who have been involved in the efforts. We truly recognise the heartfelt support shown for our brothers and sisters in Christchurch and would like to acknowledge all the people who stepped up to help the event. Thank you for your help.

This is not the end though, we are considering a new event on a different date with a longer lead time.


John Paul Moss
Event Organiser

NOTE: Existing ticket-holders
All ticket sales made will be fully refunded. i-Ticket will be in contact with all ticket holders in the next few days.

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i think it was more to do with the lineup and promotion sucking than anything, mate
Posted by brian - anonymous 5 years ago
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And the shitty poster.
Posted by Timz0r 5 years ago
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haha... and check out this guy who was in the lineup... 'starboy'

So bad its hilarious
Posted by brian - anonymous 5 years ago
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That video made my day!
Posted by Sam - anonymous 5 years ago
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1. Barely noticaeable advertising (heard it once on Hauraki like 2 days ago)
2. Horrible Line-up
3. Too complicated (5 stages, ra ra. 2 should be enough.)

Foo Fighters worked cos it was once in a life-time and they're a huge international act.
They should make this more like the "I Love the Islands" gig that was at Vector a couple of years back, but a better line-up cos the disaster is a bit more personal than the Samoan Tsunami.

Slpit Enz, Hello Sailor, Dragon, Dave Dobbyn, Steriogram, Shihad, the Checks, Datsuns would draw the classic NZ music/rock fans.
Dane Rumble, Kids of 88, J Williams for the hip hop/pop fans and teenie boppers.
Posted by chris - anonymous 5 years ago
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Wow, this is the first I've heard of this. What crappy advertising.

But, taking a look, crap line up anyway, where are the headliners?
Posted by XYZ - anonymous 5 years ago

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