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Music Month: Flying Nun Music Video Exhibition

Music Month: Flying Nun Music Video Exhibition

Friday 29th April, 2011 2:32PM

Press Release:

Dunedin and Flying Nun in music videos: The sound of a city and the label that loved it

This May, Dunedin-ites are invited to take a fresh look at the city’s fabled musical past through the music of Flying Nun – with someone who helped write the legend.

Otago Access Radio station manager Lesley Paris has teamed up with the New Zealand Film Archive to guide viewers through an afternoon programme of classic homegrown music videos from seminal New Zealand label Flying Nun.

Devised for NZ Music Month, The Flying Nun Music Video Special will be held 3pm May 14 in the auditorium at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, for about 90 minutes. Admission is free.

Lesley Paris will host a stroll through some of her favourite videos to explain how they influenced her notable career in music both as a performer and industry player, from diverse genres and artists including the likes of the The Clean, The Doublehappys and The 3Ds.

She has worked with the Film Archive’s Diane McAllen to select this programme of rarely-seen videos, interviews and clips from the Archive’s vaults.

Formerly the station manager for Radio One, Lesley Paris worked at the legendary music label Flying Nun from 1989.

She also drummed for prominent 80s band Look Blue Go Purple as well as The Puddle, formed by George D Henderson and Ross Jackson, which also boasted Dunedin music luminaries such as Peter Gutteridge, Martin Phillipps and Shayne Carter among others.

She said that searching through the Film Archive to put this project together has been like time-travelling. “There's some real treasure there that I haven't seen for years and these videos were so influential,” she said.

The Film Archive’s Diane McAllen said that when it comes to New Zealand music, Dunedin is more than a city - it is a sound, a genre, and a movement.

“Right at the heart of that music scene has been Lesley and it’s really exciting to have the opportunity to work with someone like Lesley who can bring in her own unique perspective,” said Diane.

“I’ve been a fan of Flying Nun music for so long and she’s been right at the heart of the label and that wonderful ‘Dunedin sound’,” she said.

Flying Nun Music Video Special
3pm Sunday May 14
Dunedin Public Art Gallery Auditorium

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