Interview: Gary Numan

Interview: Gary Numan

Monday 9th May, 2011 10:17AM

Groundbreaking electronic artist Gary Numan is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his seminal album, The Pleasure Principle. As part of this revelry, he is returning to New Zealand for the first time in 31 years and UTR caught up with him to discuss how it feels to revisit an album three decades later, whether he knew the album was going to have the impact it has and what made him write such music in the first place.

Head here to read the full interview with Gary Numan.

Gary Numan plays Auckland 21st May.

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I flew up to the Numan Gig from Wellington last Saturday.From what I can tell the show was sold out by stage time.One word.AWESOME.Stunning show.The Pleasure Principal album had a more 2011 edge to it.Not like it was released 30 years back or so.The second set was incredible.The energy in the building was pulpable.Numan was having fun,he was feeding of the great vibe from the audience.Great sound,great light show.The later music these days has a more industrial sound.Huge drums,big guitar riffs mixed with the synths.
Numan still has that futuristic sound happening here.Brilliant show.
Posted by raptor1 5 years ago

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